Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future and the future is now!


Natural Language Processing

We can plow through unstructured text data, from call center, chatbot transcripts to social media posts, to help companies gain insights from the conversations and feedback, as well as optimize their client interactions, detect customer trends, and discover what issues matter to customers.


AI to handle social media conversations

‘Instant availability’ has become the defacto customer support standard. Prospects hit your social media inboxes all the time and it makes sense to leverage AI take over the mundane tasks. By making AI handle simple queries and smooth out the common problems, you can reserve your human advisors for complicated tasks


Let AI be your data analyst

Data analysts are expensive, and the analysis is prone to human errors. This is where AI comes in to save the day. AI can perform powerful analytics on your site and find out what your customers are talking about. AI systems keep you updated on how well your brand is doing online. They generate clear cut graphs linking your social media insights into the various aspects of your business. These insights can help you exactly spot the areas that need to be optimized. Also, the kind of precision that AI brings with the insights is something a human can’t possibly do.


Customer Segmentation and Targeted Ads

Machine learning systems learn from your customer’s online behaviour and help you segment your customers. You can send personalized marketing content to your prospects based on their demographics. Customer segmentation is also inevitable for targeted advertising. Targeted marketing generates some serious sales.


How It Works

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